Streamline® OVA8® 30T Carbon Fibre Telescopic Waterfed Pole – 12.4mtr / 40ft

This package includes a brush, a 6mm male adaptor and a pack of two pencil jets.

Warning: These poles are manufactured from 100% carbon fibre material which is a conductor of electricity. Not to be used near electrical lines

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The Streamline® OVA8® carbon fibre telescopic waterfed poles are designed in an ‘oval’ profile section, reducing the wear of the sections from the pole clamps.

The flat sides of the Streamline® OVA8® Pole will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one window to another or ‘bouncing off the glass’ motions. Operators will be more productive and will be able to work safer – both for themselves and for others around them.

Holding any item in the hand for long periods can be painful. The Streamline® OVA8® design combines two flat sides. These sit more comfortably in an operator’s hand and allow the tips of their fingers to sit on the flat edge.

The two flat sides of the Streamline® OVA8® telescopic waterfed pole add more stability and therefore more control for the operator, a huge safety plus. Any experienced operative will tell you how dangerous and annoying a spinning pole section is.



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