1. Goods purchased at are delivered by DPD courier services.
2. For orders up to 100 euros with VAT in value shipping throughout Lithuania cost is 5,50 eur plus VAT, it is fixed fee.
3. Free shipping throughout Lithuania on orders 200 eur and over with VAT .
4. DPD courier services deliver standard packages not exceeding 30 kg, 36x43x61 cm.
5. Non-standard packaging – packages, which do not meet dimensions of standard packages (weight, volume, length, width) ,will be shipped by Raben Lietuva or Delamode Baltics carriers.
6. Couriers deliver the goods according to a pre-arranged route, therefore it is not possible to choose the exact delivery time.
7. Couriers do not provide delivery service if the total weight of the order is more than 30 kg.
8. The approximate delivery date is indicated next to each item.
9. If agreed in advance, the large size goods or when the goods are needed urgently, can be picked up in our warehouse.