Mazzoni Vapor machine ST 4000


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The most effective steam machine on the market. Our new professional model can also be used in conjunction with two lances, and takes advantage of the steam to clean and sanitize flawlessly any surface.

  • Thermostat for water temperature regulation
  • Warning lights for voltage and fuel reserve
  • Fan with independent motor
  • Anti-seizure diesel pump
  • Parking brake

This our new professional model can be used also with two spears simultaneously, and exploits the caracteristics of vapor for cleaning and sanitize in a perfect way any kind of surface. There many different applications for this machine, that we can use for steam sterilization (without water) or also with water and vapor for cleaning different kind of floor and materials. We use it for clean and get away dirty using less water, for example in working of precious steels, in the food sector, cleaning in food industries, industries kitchens, or car wash. In public areas can be used for gardens maintenance, monuments, to remove chewing-gum, graffiti or sticket.The machine is made of been used by 2 operator concurrently with two different spears: the meccanic spear is more small and manageable and the predisposition for the pre-treatment with detergents for cleaning great spaces with vapor and detergent.

Use indicate of meccanic working industries, industries that use resins or glues, in working of precious metals, food sector, cleaning of industries for meat working, industrials kitchens, car washing that have not got purifiers of waste water, then it can’t use so much water, maintenance of public areas, cleaning monuments, remove graffiti or chewing-gum. The  environments are so different, having a great power in dispositon and accessories usable also at 20 mt of distance, it is possible satisfy different needs In cleaning and sanitation.

Additional information

Highest temperature C°



220-240V/50-60 Hz

Capacity of the chemical preparation

10 l


120*75*105 cm


175 kg